With Christmas only 10 days away, it's time to really get in the spirit! One way to really get in the spirit is to take the time to watch a few movies with your friends or family - and why not dedicate a movie to each day left until Christmas!

While you really can't go wrong with a Christmas movie, these are my top 10 that I love watching each year:


  • 1

    Miracle on 34th Street

  • 2

    It's a Wonderful Life

  • 3

    White Christmas

  • 4

    The Santa Clause

  • 5


  • 6

    The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • 7

    Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas

  • 8

    Christmas With the Kranks

  • 9

    Deck The Halls

  • 10

    A Charlie Brown Christmas