This past Friday my world was turned upside down.  I was broken up with in the weirdest way possible, no joke.   My boyfriend and I were supposed to move into an apartment together. The day of the move came,  and I received a Facebook message from him saying "im sorry" (apparently I didn't even deserve an apostrophe).  After reading the message, I tried calling him to see what was up but, his phone was disconnected.  Fearing the worst I drove to his apartment, and it was completely empty.  Needless to say,  I spent the majority of the weekend on my own personal roller coaster of emotions.  One moment I felt liberated and the next rejected. Considering I am not the only person who has had a broken heart -- I compiled a list to help ease the pain when dealing with a break up.

  1. Do not listen to music alone in your car. Sad songs always play when your alone.
  2. Whenever you feel like crying grab a book and immerse yourself in it.
  3. If you are asked how you are, always smile and say "great."
  4. Stay away from alcohol.  It will make you emotionally weak.
  5. Keep family close.
  6. Start making plans for YOUR future.
  7. Organize your life and throw out everything old and useless.
  8. A one night stand will not stop the pain (plus you don't want a STD).
  9. Keep busy and keep moving forward (Life goes on).
  10. Buy some confidence -- get yourself some sexy new underwear.
  11. No matter how much you hate him -- do not talk bad about him.
  12. Every morning get up and put on make up (Doing your hair wouldn't hurt).
  13. Call up friends and plan to meet up with them.
  14. Sleep in the middle of your bed and love it.
  15. Go to a restaurant and order something he would of never tried.
  16. Resist all urges to go to his Facebook page.
  17. Change the background of your phone to something that will make you smile.
  18. Be patient with yourself -- if you go out and aren't feeling the scene, just go on home
  19. Stay away from negative people.
  20. Remember that pain is only temporary.
  21. Editorial Note: J-Kay is a new addition to our digital team. She is the KNUE "Word That Pays" spokes person. It is tough watching someone go through this turmoil but we are proud to say she is a member of our team.

    We were wondering what advice do you have for her?  What would you add to the "Best Ways To Mend A Broken Heart List?"