When it comes to cars, the most I know is, that if it starts I'm all good, but there are those that know these machines and all of their inner workings inside and out and are very passionate about them. The following video caught my attention though because the Hennessey C7 2014 Corvette Stingray broke the 200 mph barrier!

You and I are in no way able to achieve a top speed like this on Texas highways and neither is the owner of the car, but was achieved though under Texas Department of Public Safety supervision. The test happened December 11th on a closed section of the new Grand Parkway toll road outside of Houston. The test was to achieve two things: to see if the vehicle can get to 200 mph and to see if the EZ Tag toll system could read the license plate at that speed.

Both goals were accomplished! It's rather impressive to see, but scary to watch at the same time and its a good thing a professional was behind the wheel at that speed too. Oh, and the next time you think you can speed up on Toll 49 thinking the camera won't catch your license plate because you're going faster than 70 mph, think again, the camera system caught the plates of this Corvette even when it was going 200.6 mph!