Sometimes the office can get a little monotonous and you need a change of scenery, but where can you go to get work done?

As a college student, I have mastered the art of finding obscure places to study where I won't be distracted by friends, professors, loud noises or my couch/TV - and I'm here to share my secrets with you!

The key to finding a good place to work (or study!) is to make sure it's somewhere you feel comfortable, but still be productive as well. If you work best in complete silence, take that into consideration. If you need snacks while you work, think about where you can get something yummy to eat while you're there.

DISCLAIMER: Don't just get up and leave your office upon reading this, it is always recommended to check with your manager before deciding to stop work!

Check out my top 3 places to get work done when I need a change of scenery here:

1. Outside

If I ever have the chance to spend some time outdoors, whether it's laying out by a pool, sitting at a picnic table in a park or just on my front porch, I try to take advantage of it. Getting outdoors is a great alternative to the traditional office scenery, plus a little fresh air would probably do you good! You never know, it may just motivate you to work even more diligently so you can spend more time outside just relaxing!

2. Cafes

Going to a cafe (like Starbucks or Panera) can be a great option to get some work done. The best part about going to a cafe to work is that they essentially have everything you need - snacks, coffee, relaxing music, Wi-Fi accessibility and more! And let's not kid yourself, we all know you take coffee breaks during your regular work day anyway. Plus, if you need to meet someone for something work-related, cafes make great meeting locations!

3. Libraries

Sometimes silence is really all you need to get your work done. You just need some time to focus on what you have to get finished. Public libraries and most college campuses will have library accessibility for you to use in this case. Removing yourself from the hectic life outside of those four walls can oftentimes help you be extra productive, even if you feel like you are drowning in work. And don't forget to bring your headphones and laptop if you need a little background music!