When you were growing up, you probably had a favorite after-school snack or something that you always ate whenever given the chance. But once you grew up, did you give up your favorite foods?

Personally, I think I managed to keep eating some of my favorites for a while, but there are a few that I see at the grocery store every once in a while and have a flashback to my childhood. While they may not all be the most healthy snacks, the level of deliciousness hasn't decreased at all since I was younger.

Check out my top 5 foods from my childhood here:

Does this really even need an explanation? Everyone loves Fruit by the Foots because they're so fun to eat. Berry-Tye-Dye forever.

Yes, this is a drink and not technically food, but it still counts. These are the best juice pouches ever. With the Kool-Aid Man's face on each one and the clear back, you just really can't beat that.

These are the most classic childhood snack ever. I still eat these if I have the chance to. Elephants, bears, camels, lions, cows, gorillas and more - what more could you ask for?

This may define me as a 90s child, and I will totally embrace that. This was the coolest way to eat yogurt ever - no spoon, no mess and no worries. Plus, they had all the best flavors.

5. Kids' Vitamins

From the gummy bear ones to the Fintstones' Vitamins, kids have the best options for staying healthy. It's a bummer when you grow up and have to take "grown up" vitamins instead. Really though.