You could call me a cat lady. I am a single 30-something who lives alone with her two cats ... and I have a Catster account, so when I opened up my email today to 5 Totally Legal Ways to Get Your Cat Stoned, I felt I had to share.

According to Janiss Garza's article on, there are more ways to get kitty excited than just supplying them with a dose of catnip.

1. Catnip

If you're going to indulge kitty with catnip, store it in a dark container or in a cabinet. Light interferes with the oils and degrades the effect. You could do one better and keep it in the freezer -- the catnip will stay fresh longer and kitty won't find it. Watch this kitty's first ever encounter with catnip -- make sure you scroll ahead and start watching about 1:30 for the best reactions.

2. Silver Vine

Never heard of silver vine? It's big with kitties in Asia, but beginning to make an appearance in the US and Europe. Find it in a light brown powder, but just use a sprinkle, because it's quite potent. Watch this happy kitty respond to her new toy dusted with silver vine.

3. Valerian Root

With it's pungent smell, this may not be your preferred choice for kitty. You have heard of valerian root as it is sometimes used as a natural sleep enhancer for humans. Oddly enough kitties have the opposite reaction to it. Skip ahead to 2:15 to enjoy multiple kitties enjoying the substance.

4. Honeysuckle

Be careful with Honeysuckle. The berries are poisonous, so keep them well away from kitty, but the shavings from the woody part of the Lonicera Tatarica are quite stimulating. Cat's that don't respond welll to Catnip like this one...

You might prefer the Honeysuckle like this kitty.

5. Random household objects

May cats love my shoes. As soon as they come off of my feet, Tammy especially rolls around on them as if they were special. She sometimes even rolls around on my feet. Here is my Tammy with my shoes.