There is something about East Texans and their hearts when it comes to kids - we all want the best for them and want them to have the best life they deserve.  That life is hard to achieve sometimes for children that have a chronic or terminal illness.  These kids have to deal with numerous doctor appointments, tote around specialized equipment or are confined to wheelchairs and many are on some kind of medication for their illness or disease.  Given the opportunity to go to Walt Disney World for a few days with their parents is priceless.

The Kidd's Kids trip to Walt Disney World is like an escape from reality for some of the kids on the trip but for others on the trip they are still affected by their disease and have to stick to some kind of routine.  Along the way there are specialized doctors on the trip to help families out.

The trip isn't just a vacation, it's a networking opportunity for kids and parents to bond and connect with each other.  Many kids on past trips have made life long friends from across the country.

The Kidd's Kids Trip affects the entire immediate family - everyone goes!  Brothers, sisters, mom and dad all get to go on the expense paid trip thanks to the listeners of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning.  Sometimes the siblings are felt neglected or ignored and this is a time for them to feel special too!

This year Mix 93-1 and Kidd Kraddick in the Morning will be hosting Kidd's Kids Day 2011 on Thursday, October 6th.  We are looking forward to your support to help send these very deserving kids to Walt Disney World!

After watching the fireworks montage video below, you'll be left wondering what more can you do to help out.  That is up to you!

Mix 93-1 will be set up at select Burger King locations in Tyler and Whataburger locations in Longview form 6a-9a on Thursday.