Adele is expecting her first child with boyfriend Simon within a couple of months and late last week she got in a few minutes of practice what it's going to be like being a parent by babysitting for a complete stranger.

While she and her boyfriend were enjoying lunch at an upscale restaurant in London last Thursday, a stranger approached asked Adele and Simon if they would watch after the boy for a bit while she went to the restroom.  The stranger was the little boys nanny and of course Adele agreed and entertained the little tot before she returned and then took some pictures with Adele at the table.

Now you'd probably think that would be all cool with the parents and all but that's not the case as The Telegraph reports.  The paper "hears that when the nanny told the boy’s parents about her celebrity encounter, they were not impressed that she had left their son with a stranger, regardless of her fame."

Now I'll take the side of the toddler's parents in this case and I would be upset with the nanny as well.  How would you feel if you were in the situation as a parent?  Would what the nanny did been ok with you or would you be upset with them too?