Justin Timberlake will be releasing his latest album The 20/20 Experience on Tuesday, March 19th. This marks his return to music because his last album was released back in 2006. The album will be available at traditional stores and through online retailers, but Timberlake has a special packaged deal for his super fans that goes way beyond the average deluxe edition.

Justin Timberlake is releasing what his site is calling a "Rare Collector's Bundle". This special edition package though will set you back $449! When you see what all it comes with, you might be able to justify the cost. The rare collector's bundle comes with The 20/20 Experience on CD and vinyl, order it now and you'll get a copy of Justin's song "Mirrors", then you'll receive a Justin Timberlake Suit and Tie logo tee, limited edition of JT's black silhouette and a five pack of buttons. You're thinkging (just like I was), that's not worth $449 - but as in any good infomercial...


What justifies the $449 cost for Justin Timberlake's Rare Collector's Bundle is an autographed 11x17 photo print of Justin Timberlake performing after the Grammy Awards this year at the Hollywood Palladium. The print is limited and numbered and was hand chosen by Justin himself and included in this special package.

However, if you're like me and want to save $429, you can pick up the regular cd or digital copy on March 19th or keep listening to Mix 93-1 for your chance to win a copy when it comes out.