People get paid to sit around and think about what colors should identify a particular year or a particular season, and then they declare it to be true, and people buy those colors. Amazing!

The color company Pantone has issued their annual color forecast, and if we want to be hip next year, this is the color we should buy.

The big colors of the spring and summer of 2012 were Turquoise and Pale orange, and those colors were everywhere in stores. But that's so last year. While you're out Christmas shopping this weekend, expect to see a lot of Emerald. The color company Pantone says the color of 2013 will be Emerald, and so it shall be. In other words, Green!

The Pantone press release issued this week mentioned the emerald-hued Pantone-Sephora beauty collection to be released in the spring, as well as spring fashion collections by Tracy Reese, Nanette Lepore and Marimekko that use Emerald as a signature color.

Emerald is big if you're wearing it. But if you're painting a wall in 2013 you should pick a shade of blue. That's what Sherwin-Williams says. They've picked a shade of blue called Aloe for the top color of 2013, which they say has a hint of mint and lots of moxie.

The LA Times has Benjamin Moore saying Lemon Sorbet will be its color of year for 2013, a "whispery tint" that is "evocative of the [economic] uptick." Huh? That's yellow, right?

We'll be watching for your Emerald shirts posing in front of Blue and Yellow walls on Facebook. Gorgeous!