The rumor wheel is spinning like crazy that this weekend is the weekend that Hollywood has been anxiously awaiting for. After some snooping - it looks as if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie could be tying the knot this weekend.

According to there is a big "party" taking place at the Chateau Mirava this weekend and everyone is suspecting it could be the wedding of Hollywood's "it" couple. Brad is there at his French home right now to "oversee preparations" of the decadent soiree. So are his parents.  It seems that they're trying to cover it up by claiming the shendig is really a celebration for Brad's parents 50th anniversary.

Word has it that the guest list is narrowed down to only about 20 people. That's a small number considering this is the most famous couple in the world. Brad's BFF George Clooney is apparently in Lake Como, which isn't too far from Brad's French estate.

But no one from either the bride nor the groom's side has confirmed anything, but they haven't denied it either. It all just seems a bit suspicious to us. Whether the wedding happens this weekend or not, it will in fact be one of the biggest weddings Hollywood has ever seen.