It is a phase that all kids, especially young girls, go through and I think I'm about to experience this phase in my house, talking on the phone! The published school directory was released this week to the entire student body at her elementary school and before I knew it our home phone was ringing with calls for her! (Yes, we still have a land line to the house in addition to our cell phones, but I'm not giving the school permission to publish those numbers!) Maybe I should have thought twice about allowing our number to be published in the school directory! If her friends want to call her it would have forced them to talk to each other and ask for the phone number!

My daughter is 8 and will be 9 soon so I'm guessing this is the age that she begins developing more meaningful and deeper friendships with those in her class and will be talking with them on the phone more and more. This is evident this week because she's talked to a couple of friends each night this week along with a boy from her class too. I was fine with the boy calling to talk until he called the next morning at 6a! Thankfully my wife was up and intercepted the call before I answered the phone, I don't think he'll be calling our house that early in the morning again.

Thankfully though she hasn't asked for a cell phone of her own because there are other kids in her class that have their own. There were even kids in her first and second grade classes that had their own phones. Now each family and child is different, but I feel that is too young of an age for a child to have a cell phone. I'm not sure what the appropriate age is though because every child is different.