The next Batman movie called The Dark Knight Rises will be in theaters July 12, 2012 and a couple of teasers have surfaced online.  Catch them after the jump.

One of them features Anthony Michael Hall in the role of Mike Engel, an anchor for the Gotham Cable News.  The clips feature the Arkham Asylum, which is home to the criminally insane in Gotham City.

The teasers are kind of weird as they feature some unsettling chants in the second trailer called Outbreak.

Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are set to star in The Dark Knight Rises.

What do you think about the Batman franchise?

Pay close attention to the top video - there is a Facebook address that pops up BRIEFLY at :12 into the video.  I didn't see it the first couple of times I saw it.  I then froze it and copied it for you - check it out if ya like!