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There was some doubt a few weeks ago if there would even be NFL football this year. But the owners and players have been able to set their differences aside for the time being –in the interest of keeping fans happy and making money. So in case the lockout and it's subsequent abbreviated start led to you not getting your top 5 list together of places to watch football this preseason and season, I've gone ahead and handled it for you –this year only.

With 2 locations in East Texas one in Longview and one in Tyler, B-Dubs is a great place to catch the game. Upside- Perfect if you love wings and trying to decide what sauce to get this time. Downside- Not enough HD TVs, love the wings and atmosphere but give me more HD BWWs!.. What is it 2006?


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At Your Married Friends


What better place to watch football than with your friends, at your married friends house? Chances are you won't have to bring much more that a 6-pack and as long as they are good hosts you'll have plenty to eat. If you didn't know, the spread is always bountiful at married friends house, I attribute this to them needing activities to do together or maybe it's apart. Regardless, married friends are always happy to slow cook dip for chips and BBQ the steaks and burgers to perfection. Your married friends house is basically like going to a restaurant or bar but cheaper, cause like I said all you're bringing is a six-er. But if you're a good friend, like me –you wont leave before you slip em at least 20 bucks –WHICH IS STILL A GREAT DEAL!

So if you're feeling like some Mexican for your American football game, The J-Treezy is always a great East Texas option. In fact not to toot my own horn but I was once a star server for this fine Mexican dining establishment. With locations throughout East Texas in Tyler, Longview, Henderson, Jacksonville, Carthage and Marshall to name a few, there is sure to be one near you.. and I'll say it like I've said it a million times before, they've got the best fajitas I have ever had… In. My. Life. My only complaint might be they give me too much fajitas and I feel obligated to eat it all, at once. But besides that, great food, atmosphere and plenty of football in HD.

Why Rufus? Cause it's a sports bar. Located on S. Broadway in Tyler, the owner Shaun and management have gone through great lengths to change the image of the bar and done an excellent job of it. If you haven't been there in a while, long gone are the panties and bras hanging from the ceiling. They've been replaced with 23 High def TVs. They've added a full menu and their burgers are said by many to be the best in town. Oh, and they've added a brand new extended outdoor patio where you'll find an additional 6 weather-proof HD TVs and a full service bar… Yep, Smokers this means Rufus is the only place in Tyler where you can order Bud Light while smoking your Marlboros. And for non-smokers like me, don't be skerred there's of course no smoke inside and outside it won't bother you much at all –afterall it's outside.



At Da House


It's the easiest way to enjoy it… Sometimes it's just too much work to go out or to a friends house. Plus once the regular season starts you'll likely be hungover from partying the night before, listening to Radio Texas Live on KNUE. Let's be honest it's what most East Texans do… But as simple as this is, to maximize it's enjoyment plan ahead and grab yourself a 30 pack of your favorite beer from Fat Dogs in Coffee City or wherever you buy it from in Winona –I've never purchased my adult beverages from out there. But wherever you purchase yours be sure to ice 'em down the night prior or you could even utilize a mini-fridge in the living room like my brother so you can be extra lazy. Then just order some Papa John's or I think you can still get 2 medium pizzas from Domino's for $5 each, and Domino's pizza has come a loooong way lately. Then stuff yo' face, drink beer, watch football and nap till it's time to go to bed and hope that Monday never comes.