Recently potential NFL players went to the NFL Combine where they were put through all kinds of drills and physical tests to catch the attention of coaches in hopes of playing for an NFL team someday. After watching coverage on the sports stations, the bosses at Kidd Kraddick in the Morning thought it would be funny to put Big Al Mack and Jenna through some of the same tests to see how they'd do! Now if you don't want to watch them in the video below, you can skip below it to see their results.

Challenge       NFL’s Best         NFL’s Worst      Big Al’s Best            Jenna’s Best
Pull-Ups             N/A                      N/A                  9 Pull-Ups                 3 Pull-Ups
Vertical Jump     42 in.                  25.5 in.                 20 in.                        21 in.
Shuttle             3.81 sec.             5.16 sec.            5.77 sec.                   5.16 sec.
Broad Jump       11’2″                     88″                      5’8″                            6’6″
40 yd Dash      5.59 sec.            4.26 sec.              5.78 sec.                   5.41 sec.