On the way in to work this morning, of course I was listening to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning and they were describing Big Al being dressed up in women's lingerie and getting ready to be tackled by some football players from the local lingerie league.

Well, they were teasing this so much and telling me to get on KiddNation, KiddTV and their mobile app to see Al in his new uniform and to watch him get tackled.  I can't watch the app while driving down Old Jacksonville Hwy.!  I couldn't get to work fast enough.

When I got to work, it logged onto KiddTV just in time for them to make the announcement that the lingerie league wasn't going to show up but the professional women's league was there and they were going to deliver the hits.

Boy did they ever!  Check out the first hit.  I don't think Big Al thought she would lay into him like she did and was going to show a little mercy.  She doesn't and it's great!

Check out other pics from football practice with Big Al on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning on Mix 93-1.