I don't think I could ever be a flight attendant because I think I'd run people over with that heavy drink cart!  I applaud the flight attendants who can do it without running people over.  The reason for this comment is that Virgin Atlantic has revealed some bizarre requests from their passengers over the years.

See these bizarre requests after the jump.

According to the survey of 3000 crew members, these are some of the most bizarre and common requests that passengers have made:

  • Please, can you open the window?
  • Could you please turn the engines down because they are too noisy?
  • Please, can the captain stop the turbulence?
  • Can you show me to the showers?
  • Can you book  a massage for a Barbie doll?
  • Can you take my children to the playroom?
  • Is there a McDonald's on board?
  • Can you help me locate my missing glass eye?

Some of these are pretty funny!  What kind of strange questions or requests have you heard while flying the friendly skies?  Leave your comment below.