Finding a perfect bone marrow match is tough, but a match was found for Katie Waggoner. Her cousin Amy wrote the show during the 'I Have A Dream' week back in January because she wanted her cousin to meet the donor that gave her the bone marrow that allowed her rare form of leukemia go into remission. Kidd Kraddick in the Morning went to work and they were able to make a face-to-face meeting happen for the first time. The donor, Thomas, lives in Germany and he and Katie have been corresponding via email, but she wanted to thank him in person. She was able to that this morning in an incredible and emotional meeting.

Tissue alert! You'll need one, two or maybe the whole box after listening to this interview.

To get details on how to donate bone marrow or to see if you are a match for anyone visit This very subject was a subject on Good Morning America this morning too because of Robin Roberts went through this last year and was honored by the Atlanta Hawks over the weekend.