Oh those holiday office parties...if you want to be a good employee you have to go. But you can't have too much fun or you'll risk ending up dancing on a table with someone else's shirt on your head, and the video will get thousands of hits on youtube.

A study by Forbes says 90 percent of offices will have holiday parties this year. That's good news! It's a sign that the economy is back on track.

Only 5 percent of employees actually want a holiday office party.

When asked what they want this holiday season, the Forbes study shows employees would welcome cash bonuses, pay raises, paid time off and grocery gift cards. But money that could possibly be set aside for that goes to a big, blowout office party.

And the boss's idea of a party may be a bit different from yours. According to one study, 20% of holiday parties will be dry. And most will be employees only, leaving spouses and kids at home. Single parents will have to pay for a babysitter to go stand around with people they see every day, all day. Happy holidays!

Thirty percent of holiday parties will happen at the office, and catering will be brought in.

Last week on the Today Show I heard Hoda Kotb talk about how she handles office parties. She makes a big, smiling entrance and makes sure she makes the rounds with everyone and shakes hands within the first few minutes. Then, she conveniently ducks away by telling people she has to use the restroom, and she's never seen again. She sneaks out and gets on with her evening. Nice work Hoda!

If everyone tries that though, the boss may be onto us.