If you've seen furniture and appliances sitting on a curb in Tyler this week, and you're wondering why it's all part of Spring Cleanup Week.The City of Tyler Solid Waste Department and Keep Tyler Beautiful are teaming up this week to collect city of Tyler residents' bulky items at No Charge.

The deadline to have bulky items on the curb for pick-up was Monday, March 3. However If you missed out on this opportunity, you do have more options. Consider contacting the Habitat for Humanity Restore or Goodwill Industries before trashing items that are in good condition.

Electronics, including computers, can be recycled at an Tyler Goodwill drop-off during the week, or Wednesday through Saturday at the Tyler Recycling Center, located at 418 North Bois D'arc Avenue.

Other items that may be brought to the Tyler Recycling Center include:

Scrap metal (copper, aluminum, brass and steel)
Copper wire (extension cords, wiring, power cords, etc.)
Steel and tin cans (rinsed)
Used motor oil, antifreeze and batteries
Clear, Green and Brown Glass bottles and Jars (must be rinsed with lids removed, NO MIRRORS, NO BLUE COLORED GLASS)
Aluminum Cans (no pie plates)
Cardboard (single layer and corrugated)
Newspapers, magazines, phone books, ads, junk mail and office paper
Electronics (NO TV’s)
Printer cartridges
Cell phones and phone chargers
#1 and #2 plastic containers (examples: soda and water bottles, milk and detergent bottles)

To learn more about Bulky Item collection visit TylerSolidWaste.com.