Many first time cat owners often wondered why their Christmas tree ornaments end up on the floor and scattered throughout the house and it doesn't take long to figure out either!  For some households it's a daily battle, the cat takes on the Christmas tree and for the most part the cat wins!

It begins slowly and innocently, the cat stalks the tree like it's prey and all of a sudden pounces on a branch or jumps right in the middle of it and then the battle is on!  The cat, most likely, thinks its outside and climbing a real tree not knowing that it's only propped up by 4 tiny little legs and can become top heavy quickly and fall over easily.

The reason for me posting about this today is that I was woke up early this morning around 3:30 a.m. because the cat knocked over the small Christmas tree (thankfully it wasn't the big one), but it woke up my daughter who came running in my room saying, "Kitty Kitty knocked over the Christmas tree!" I went to her room -- oh, did I mention it was 3:30 a.m. already?!  The cat was taking stuff off of the tree and knocking it around the room.  Needless to say, the cat ended up sleeping in the garage with the dog for the remainder of the night.

If you've got a cat at home, I'm sure you've experienced this, too.  Let me know what's happened to you or have caught a pic of your cat in the tree, just post it in the comment section below. I have also found some videos of cats having fun with the Christmas tree.