Are Christmas Cards Becoming A Thing Of The Past? [POLL]
Growing up I remember my grandmother sitting down and writing a quick note to put inside each Christmas card she sent out. She painstakingly signed each card from her and my grandfather, addressed each of the hundred or more envelopes, stuck stamps on them and put them in the mail. She started this …
It’s Time to Vote for the Cutest Santa Baby in East Texas
When it comes to Santa babies, there really are some cute ones right here in East Texas! Entries from all over East Texas have been accepted and are now assembled in the photo gallery just waiting to receive a vote from you in the Mix 93-1 Cutie Patootie: Santa Baby contest sponsored by Gordmans.
Gift Card or Actual Gift — Which Do You Prefer To Receive? [POLL]
Buying someone a meaningful gift for Christmas can often be hard. You've got to find that perfect thing that will fit their personality and be useful to them at the same time so you won't feel like you're just wasting your money. When you give them that gift, of course, you want them to feel like th…

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