Online Dating, Speed Dating — Now Instant Dating [VIDEO]
Dating is one of the most difficult things in life. It can begin by meeting people the old fashioned way and slowly getting to know the other person, or you can go through online dating or the speed dating thing or now, you can just jump right into it with a new trend called instant dating!
Ways to Damage Your Man’s Ego [AUDIO]
We all know a man's ego can be fragile. The cast of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show discussed an article they found with a list of ways a woman can easily damage a man's ego, and even added one of their own.
Video Retouching Will Change Your Perception [VIDEO]
We're all aware fashion models and celebrities are often retouched when appearing on the cover of magazines or in other photographs. Jezebel's recent outcry over Vogue's Lena Dunham cover is the most recent example, but did you know videos are retouched the same way?
Dating Dos and Don’ts [VIDEOS]
I don't know what happens during the Holidays, but it seems that relationships end and begin during this time. I have group of close friends that are experiencing this process at the moment, so a couple of articles caught my eye. One on the art of being a gentleman and the other detailing old f…

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