Finding the Right Gift For Him [PHOTOS]
The holiday shopping season has already begun, and if you are like me when it come to buying gifts for the man in your life it can be a bit of a challenge. I have learned that if I pay attention and start early I can usually come up with a thoughtful gift that makes an impression. But who has time f…
The Trailer Is Out For the New Lego Movie
Perhaps your experience with Legos is similar to mine.  You enjoyed playing with them as a kid, but you could never quite build anything as elaborate as shown on the box.  And now you have kids who play with Legos, and they are better at building elaborate things with the toy blocks than y…
Marriage Isn’t For You, Or For Me…
Marriage Isn't For You is a blog by a man named Seth Adam Smith that is getting a lot of attention. The headline makes it sound like marriage is a bad idea, but once you read Seth's point of view you may change your mind.
Make-A-Wish Helps East Texas Toddler
The Make-a-Wish Foundation has been granting wishes to children with incurable diseases for many years, and an East Texas toddler became the most recent wish recipient over the weekend.
Guess where he's headed?

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