Meet Jessica Timberlake
Jessica Biel has legally changed her last name to Timblerlake. Following her marriage to Justin Timberlake last October, she had always planned to change her name, but now it's official.
9/11 Birthdays Are Bittersweet [PHOTOS]
Today is my 30th birthday. 12 years ago today, I awoke to adulthood and a happy household. A family friend had come by early in the morning to drop off two special birthday gifts. I had recently discovered art. This particular friend was well-read, had traveled the world and was starting to share he…
Fashion Trends For Fall 2013 [PHOTOS]
I love Fall Fashion. I get excited at the start of September and start re-organizing my closet to include my favorite long-sleeve tee's, skinny jeans and boots. As much as I love relaxing through the lazy days of summer, Fall happens to be my favorite season. I love crisp mornings, th…
Feel Good Friday: Austenland Escapism [VIDEOS]
Experience the everyday magic of Jane Austen's world in this one-of-a-kind Regency resort. Visit the quaint acreage of Mansfield Theme Park, get into an Empire waist state of mind, and partake in exquisitely historical activities, from Calligraphic Letter-Writing to Meeting the Landed Gentleman…
Have You Discovered Downton Abbey?
Sometimes (most of the time) I catch on to shows late. I discovered "Downton Abbey" via Netflix streaming last year, and I was immediately sucked in. Season One was the only one available on streaming.
Back To School: The Magic Of Marching Band
Confession, I was a band nerd. In fact, I was president of the band nerds my senior year and proud of it. So, when a friend recently posted link on Facebook, Why Your Teen Should Join Marching Band, I felt a desire to add to it.

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