9/11 Birthdays Are Bittersweet [PHOTOS]
Today is my 30th birthday. 12 years ago today, I awoke to adulthood and a happy household. A family friend had come by early in the morning to drop off two special birthday gifts. I had recently discovered art. This particular friend was well-read, had traveled the world and was starting to share he…
Fashion Trends For Fall 2013 [PHOTOS]
I love Fall Fashion. I get excited at the start of September and start re-organizing my closet to include my favorite long-sleeve tee's, skinny jeans and boots. As much as I love relaxing through the lazy days of summer, Fall happens to be my favorite season. I love crisp mornings, th…
Feel Good Friday: Austenland Escapism [VIDEOS]
Experience the everyday magic of Jane Austen's world in this one-of-a-kind Regency resort. Visit the quaint acreage of Mansfield Theme Park, get into an Empire waist state of mind, and partake in exquisitely historical activities, from Calligraphic Letter-Writing to Meeting the Landed Gentleman…
Have You Discovered Downton Abbey?
Sometimes (most of the time) I catch on to shows late. I discovered "Downton Abbey" via Netflix streaming last year, and I was immediately sucked in. Season One was the only one available on streaming.
Back To School: The Magic Of Marching Band
Confession, I was a band nerd. In fact, I was president of the band nerds my senior year and proud of it. So, when a friend recently posted link on Facebook, Why Your Teen Should Join Marching Band, I felt a desire to add to it.
What’s In Your CD Player? [VIDEOS]
Most of us have an Mp3 player of some kind or a smart phone that allows us to carry digital music with us all the time. My iPhone has more music on it than I could listen to in one day - as well as an assortment of audio books, apps and data.
Throwback Thursday: Last, Firsts [VIDEO]
Earlier this week, I was reading Lucky Larry's story about his daughter's first day of school. Like Lucky, it's a bit of a stretch for me to remember my first day, but I do remember my last, first day of school.

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