5 Must-Haves For Your Summer Days at the Lake
Summer is officially upon us, and people are looking for more and more ways to get outdoors. Since we don't have beaches here in East Texas, lakes are a very popular place for locals to get outdoors. If you're looking to get out to the lake for some sun, swimming, fishing, boating, or anyt…
Tornado Safety Tips
The tornado season for 2013 has begun, and it is important for you and your family to know how to stay safe in case of a tornado.
Talking to Children About This Week’s Events
Without a doubt there has been a lot happening this week, the Boston Marathon bombing, the explosion at the fertilizer factory in West, TX and severe weather in the South. It does lead our children to ask questions and to feel anxious and a little scared, but it is up to us, the parents, to reassure…
Whitehouse YMCA Run For Your Life
The Whitehouse YMCA will be hosting the 4th annual Run For Your Life 5k Run on Saturday, April 27th at the Whitehouse YMCA. The 5k run is the largest fundraiser each year for the YMCA and goes to support the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.
What Is Considered Cheating To You? [POLL]
There was a lot of traffic through the studio this afternoon, while playing Hyper Hi-Lo today and one of the conversations that was brought into the studio for discussion by a few staffers was the subject of cheating.

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