City of Tyler Issues Disaster Declaration
Flooding concerns are on the top of just about everyone's mind in East Texas the past couple of days. The threat of flash flooding still exists through at least Friday evening. With all the rain we've received the past few days, several cities have had to issue some sort of evacuation orde…
Flash Floods Threatening East Texas Residents
Overnight as much as 5 inches and more of rain fell upon the residents of East Texas. The commute into work this morning may be a tough one for many because a lot of roads - county roads and major roads - are under water this morning.
Heavy Rain + Strong Storms Expected In East Texas On Tuesday
A pretty strong low pressure system and cold front will be moving through East Texas early Tuesday that has the potential of producing a lot of rain that could lead to some flash flooding. Rainfall totals, according to Mark Scirto at KLTV 7, could average anywhere between 2 and 3.5 inches with some …

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