The past few years here at the radio station we've celebrated Halloween with an in-office costume contest and tied in a chili cook-off with it! It was fun seeing your co-workers dressed up in their Halloween costumes and enjoying some home made chili, because with cooler temps in East Texas, nothings better. With all office parties there are dos and don'ts to make it fun.

Things TO DO for your office Halloween party:
- dress up in your costume
- if you're the boss in the office, definitely dress up and show your relaxed funny side
- eat, what's a party with out some sort of snacks or pot luck lunch
- share your candy corn and other candy with your co-workers
- ask your boss if you can leave a little early so you can get your kids ready for an early trick or treating outing

Things to NOT DO during you office Halloween party:
- forget your job (do your work and then reap the rewards of the party)
- be a Halloween downer, celebrate the day for what it is
- dress inappropriately (because that's a big embarrassment the next day)
- assume you can leave early because your celebrating

What are some ways your office celebrates Halloween? What's the funniest or best costume your boss has worn to the office? Share them by using the comment section below and have a fun and safe Halloween tomorrow.