Alisa Finley is an 18-year-old girl suffering from a malignant brain tumor. She has created a bucket list, and now she can add a check next to 'kiss Channing Tatum' - sort of. The actor sent a sweet video to Alisa earlier this month.

In a video uploaded to her Facebook Page earlier this month Channing says, "Just know that you're loved and and we're giving you a big old kiss from over here."

Later in the video he shared a moment with his wife set to Pharrel's 'Happy.'

"Alisa, hello my love, we're just here, just want to give you a big old kiss and say we love you."

While Tatum's kiss is at the top of her list other items on the list include: swimming with dolphins, walking on the Great Wall of China, and jumping into a pool fully clothed. At number 17, she has now check off, "give people a reason to remember me."