This weekend seemed to be the designated Decorate for Christmas weekend. Lucky Larry and I were discussing his pre-lit Christmas tree struggles this morning as well. I had two rounds of decorating. Round One included creating a Snow Village at boyfriend's house in Tyler, and Round Two included sifting through 30 years of accumulated Christmas Decor at my mom's farm.

Growing up, Christmas was always an adventure with my mom. She decorated everything and we had an amazing Christmas Tree eight feet tall and six feet wide, which she assembled, wrapped in clear lights and then decorated with our collection of family ornaments. There was no rhyme or reason to the tree, no specific colors or design it was just a reflection of our lives.

Our ornaments included everything from discount store multicolored balls, to hand-made ornaments made by my brother and me in school. I loved our tree, and it's eclectic vibe. The last few years mom has opted to decorate a much smaller tree with simple gold ornaments.



She wanted to decorate outside as well. Though she hired someone to install the lights on the roof of the house, we hung the garland on the porch and placed the bows ourselves.



She is still in search of the right wreath to hang next to the front door, but we added a small outdoor tree to the porch, and then went back inside to decorate the mantle with her collection of Santa Claus.

Mom has spent over 30 years building her collection of Santa Clauses, but not all of them would fit in our display. Many of them move and play Christmas songs, too.



We also enjoyed sharing memories of Christmas's past and admiring her handiwork. Mom made both mine and my brother's stockings when we were infants.



At the end of the day we took a minute to reflect on a job well done, and plan to enjoy it throughout the Christmas Season.