Your live Christmas tree has been sitting there quietly in the corner or in front of the front window displaying it's pretty ornaments and twinkling lights all while holding secrets underneath it as to what's all wrapped up in pretty paper and bows. Once the gifts have been opened and Christmas has passed what do you do with the live tree that has slowly lost is bright green color and has turned a dark green and brown in spots? Recycle it of course!

he City of Tyler has announced it will have two locations set up so you can recycle your live Christmas tree.

  • Golden Road Park
  • Fun Forest Park

You can drop off your undecorated, non-flocked live Christmas tree at the approved drop off locations from Wednesday, December 26th through Sunday, January 13th. Your tree should be free of lights, ornaments and garland. Look for "Christmas Tree Recycling" sign and drop it off there.

The trees will then be reused by the city and residents who wish to pick them up. Area fisherman may pick up trees to be reused to create fish habitats in area lakes and ponds.

Golden Road Park is located at the corner of McDonald Rd. and Golden Rd. Fun Forest Park is located in the 900 block of North Glenwood Blvd. in Tyler.