A dirty, messy car reflects on you, just the same as your clothing does. Cleaning your car doesn't just keep it looking good, it helps keep it running better as well -- is this true?

My boyfriend isn't exactly what you would call organized.  When we first met his car was filled with tennis rackets and numerous balls.  He is a coach and there is no getting around it. When he is through with a long day on the tennis court in triple digit heat, the last thing on his mind is clearing out his car.  (More after the jump)

I don't judge him, I really do not have the right to.  In my car you can find books, binders, and empty Starbucks cups.  In my opinion I do not feel like the cleanliness of the interior of my car reflects my personality.  If there was more time in the day then I feel like I could dedicate time to cleaning up the mess.  My plate is full with school and work, heaven forbid I sleep in on a Saturday instead of clearing the clutter .  Want to learn some little tricks that may help you keep your car in good shape -- I got some useful ideas  from ArticleSnatch.comThough paying my little sister $10 is the best solution so far!

I am sure some of you out there on the "world wide web" are the opposite of me and I respect that -- whatever floats your boat.

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