"Taking It Off for the Dogs" was a calendar created to help the SPCA of East Texas, and now it has turned into a subject of controversy for some who said they were offended by the nature of the calendar.

Prominent East Texas men, including former Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith, posed for the calendar, which features well-placed objects to cover any private parts. There is no nudity in the calendar at all, but some were still left offended.

One well-known member of the community who posed in the calendar was Meals on Wheels president Aubrey Sharpe. His involvement led to a harsh letter and resignation by one of his female board members.

The board member has not been named, but she attributed her reason for resignation to Sharp's decision to play a role: "For the record, my resignation was prompted by the decision of our board president to pose in the nude for the fundraising calendar that was recently published."

"She felt like the board president ought not to be photographed nude," Sharpe told HLN TV. "Well I believe that, too! Because I wasn’t actually nude. You’d see more of me at the swimming pool than you would in that picture. ... Life’s all about the illusion and people see what they choose."

Sharpe and the other "models," including popular Tyler dentist Dr. Rick Coker, said they didn't regret at all their decision to pose. The calendar's sole purpose, they said, was to make people smile and help abandoned and needy animals with the SPCA of East Texas.

"If what little we can do is to sit in a bathing suit and take a photograph, I was proud to do that," Sheriff Smith said.

The SPCA told KLTV in Tyler more than 1,000 copies of the calendar have been sold for more than $20,000 going to the SPCA.

You can buy the calendar at TakingItOffForTheDogs.com for $19.95. Proceeds will go toward building a shelter to house 75 dogs and 25 cats.