As a fan of the Disney Pixar animated films, I've often noticed small details in the background of the scenes (easter eggs) that are relative to other Pixar films, but one blogger takes this information and weaves it into a theory that spans throughout the entire Pixar universe.

Jon Negroni of recently developed a timeline that connects all of the Pixar productions.

Jon writes, "The point of this theory is to have fun and exercise your imagination while simultaneously finding interesting connections between these fantastic movies. If you hate fun and/or imagination, you probably won’t like this theory."

Jon's theory is lengthy and filled with compelling links from one film to another, complete with comments from readers who have attempted to dispel his ideas. In addition to his theory he also completed an abbreviated version that outlines his timeline of events that weaves the stories into one timeline. Here is what the beginning look likes:

Jon entertains the idea that the timeline begins with Brave...

... and ends with Monsters, Inc. How does he come to this conclusion? Check out his theory here. I found his ideas to be truly fascinating and engaging.