The new video for Daughtry's latest song, "Start Of Something Good" from their album Break The Spell, made its premiere on the TV show Extra yesterday.  The video is rather unique in the way it focuses on Chris Daughtry playing a guitar acoustically while singing in a field watching a young couple.

Chris said during his interview on Extra, the song is "basically the story of when I met my wife.  It was one of those times where you're starting to believe it's the start of something good, and 12 years later, it proved to be right."  He and his wife Deanna married in 2000 and have four children.

When it came to shooting the video for the song he felt it would have been a little weird placing the band in the middle of a field on blankets singing this song to a couple in love.  While singing the song, he says, "basically I'm observing this young couple who's obviously in love and I'm playing their theme song.”

Check out the video for "Start Of Something Good"