Every office has one -- we all politely don't talk about it. It's that big pink elephant in the room that usually smells awful and is not for the weak at heart.

We are talking about the "Office Refrigerator!"

From my office I hear and SMELL everything that goes on at our station's break room. Sometimes the smells are good coffee and Lucky Larry's lunch those are on the good list -- but I had been noticing that there was an awful odor which was growing stronger and stronger. I went to put my lunch into the fridge and I saw a container of milk -- I took a second to look at the date on the milk "05-21-11" --it didn't register at that time just how old the milk was until I got back to my desk and realized that we are in JULY!

I had to go back to the break room and confirm that I had read the container right (sometimes I go a little blond) -- sure enough the milk was well over a month and a half OVER the expiration date.  Me being the team player that I am I decided to leave the milk to see how long it took everyone else to notice.

Lucky Larry and Amy (PD on KNUE) had a discussion about the expired milk trying to figure out who would have brought a gallon of milk to work and only drank 1/8th of it.  It turns out one of our part-timer's had brought it in and forgotten about it -- she caught wind of our quest for the "Forgotten Dairy Product Fairy" and went and quickly poured it down the sink.  Worst mistake ever as the kitchen sink doesn't drain well!

Yes, I started to complain about the nasty odor that filled the break room AND my office -- Baby J from Hot Jamz found a candle for us to burn -- which was great it now smelt like "Vanilla Rotten Milk!"

By this time the whole building was in on the event and we all agreed that we wanted to know who in East Texas had the most expired product in the fridge!

We want you to send us pictures of your "dirty little secret" -- whoever has the most expired product in the fridge gets to have Stephanie the part-timer come clean out your fridge!