Movie previews are meant to do one thing, get you in the theater, but are they going to far? After watching the previews/trailer online or on TV for a particular movie, many people feel that the best scenes are being revealed in the preview and there's nothing really big left to see during the movie.

A recent survey from YouGov Omnibus was published in The Hollywood Reporter stating that 49% of American's feel that the movies' preview gives away too much from the flick. With so many people feeling that way, they still go to see the movie however around 19% stay away after watching the preview and around a quarter of them felt stronger about going to the movies.

When it comes to movie recommendations, results from the survey show that watching a movie preview has more of an impact on their decision to see it over a friends' recommendation.

Let's see how you feel about this,

In case you feel that the previews don't give away too much from the movies or the best scenes, check out the previews from the summer's first big block buster that opens tomorrow, Iron Man 3!