Texas is ranked 44th out of 50 when it comes to money spent per student. I am sorry to bring this up and dampen everyone's Monday but our schools are in danger here in Texas. The Texas House/Senate are going to have a conference committee to negotiate the amount of money going to be taken away from our students. This committee are heading towards the final draft of the state's budget.

This might be our last chance to have our voices heard.

If the state cuts $8 billion like they plan to the situation will be drastic and very noticeable to the children with each child receiving $800 less each year, that comes to about $20,000 per classroom in every public school.

Article III for the Texas Education Agency appropriated $49,972,637,092 for public funding, this amount already includes a $4 billion cut, any lower would be unacceptable.

Please help support the cause by going to Raise Your Hand Texas, there you can voice your opinion!  This website allows you to send a message to all 10 committee members and let them know that education is important.