Drive down Broadway in Tyler, the Loop in Longview or any street in East Texas or America for that matter, and you'll see dogs hanging out the window lapping up the unending rush of air as the car goes down the street. When it comes to our dogs in the car, most have free reign. They can ride in our laps, sit in the front seat, sit in the back window and even go from hanging out the driver's window to the passenger window. Seems pretty harmless right?

Well, I saw this report on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer last night that opened my eyes about how dangerous an unrestrained dog can be in the case of an accident. Even how distracting a little five pound ball of fur can be riding in your lap.

Reporter Dan Harris says, "In a 35 mph crash, a dog weighing 50 pounds is propelled forward with 1,500 pounds of force." Hawaii has outlawed drivers from holding a pet in their laps and Oregon and Rhode Island are not that far behind. Drivers in Arizona, Connecticut and Maine face fines.

So the question becomes, if our children have to restrained properly while in a moving vehicle, why shouldn't our pets. After all most people consider their pets to be a part of the family, so why not restrain them in the car as well?