Have you run across a pile of trash like this recently?  Volunteers got after issues like this over the weekend, on a quest to clean up East Texas.

The Texas Trash- Off happened Saturday, and it was the state's largest one-day litter cleanup event.  Everyone from Girls Scout troops to church groups got involved and picked up hundreds of pounds of trash.  More than 600 volunteers from Keep Texas Beautiful, Texas Department of Transportation and Adopt-a-Highway picked up trash on highways in Lufkin District’s nine-county area, which includes Smith County.

Now, they say the trick is keeping the highways, city streets, and ditches clean in Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville, and beyond!

Maybe you didn't have the chance to get out and pick up trash on Saturday, but we can all chip in by waiting til we get home to throw away the cheeseburger wrappers.  Don't toss them out the window.  And please properly dispose of the Barbie Doll busts too.

Thanks, volunteers!