Are you looking for local produce this summer? East Texas has got you covered from farmers markets, roadside shops and grocery stores that buy locally.

When planning out meals, why not take the time to include some fresh fruits or vegetables from right here in East Texas? By purchasing locally grown produce, the local economy benefits, as does your health because of the reduced number of preservatives in the foods!

Fresh produce in East Texas can be found at various locations. In Tyler, check out FRESH by Brookshire's for locally purchased foods. Everything about FRESH was designed with the environment in mind and leaving a sustainable footprint. Other Brookshire's locations across East Texas also feature local foods. Farmer's markets are also popular for buying local goods. The two largest farmers markets in Tyler are the Tyler's Farmers Market and the East Texas State Fair Farmers Market. In Longview, check out Longview's Farmers Market.

Give eating locally a try, who knows, maybe you'll like it more than conventional grocery shopping!