Keith Allison, Flickr

Go Rangers! Let's hear it for our boys who eliminated the Los Angeles Angels from the play off race last night! While celebrating, we found some epic baseball fails — some of them are so great you will have to watch them twice. We (Jeff Evans) loves this time of year — how about you?


Cubs Fan Tries To Throw Ball Back Into The Game

This guy should have just kept the ball — was he trying to impress the cute girl behind him? If he was — say it with us “EPIC FAIL!”



Belly Flop — Double Twist

This actually isn't a fail but would have been had the play not been stopped — epic move!



Taking A Hit To The Cup

This poor guy — ouch — but watch the video the umpire checks his junk. What this a sympathetic gesture — or an in opportune time to “re-arrange”



Verlander Embarrasses Bautista

How can a trained professional MISS a pitch by two feet? FAIL!



Every Day I'm Stumblin'

We wondered if this guy was trying out new shoes or what the heck he was doing!