It's not YOU, just other people that have stretched the truth a bit on a resume.

Are office managers fooled?  Not really.  A new survey shows many office managers think applicants have fudged a little on their resume. did the survey, and found 43 percent of office managers think job applicants include false information on their resumes somewhat often or very often.

Some 431 employees were also polled, and more than one in five workers said they know someone who stretched the truth on resumes.  See, it's not us.  It's those people who are doing this evil. 

When asked what type of information the person misrepresented or exaggerated, 58 percent cited job duties, followed by education, employment dates and job experience.

Don't do it!  Let your glowing reputation and job performance speak for you.  And perhaps send the company a pizza or a nice poinsettia so they won't forget your name.  Crazy, but effective.