As we mentioned, the fireworks stands have opened up shop in Texas, and you can buy the fireworks through next Wednesday at midnight.

Fun for all! Except the family dog.

Dogs think they're being tortured! Mine run to take cover in the bedroom every time they hear a pop. If we can't find our two miniature schnauzers shaking under the bed, we can usually find them with the jitters billowing under the low rack of clothes in the master closet. The muffled pop may be coming from a mile away outside, but the dogs start whining and yelping like the firecrackers are being shot off from the kitchen sink. Noise is noise, and they don't know how far away it originates. They just think they're being shot at.

What do law enforcement agencies say about dogs and fireworks?

Many sheriff's offices this time of year report an increase in the number of lost dog reports. The pups are runnin' for the hills. I read one press release that said some dogs will jump right out of an open window when they hear fireworks, thinking they're getting away from the noise. If they only knew they were running right to it! The point is, fireworks make them go bizerk and they don't know which way is up.

Here's some advice I've gathered from sheriff's offices for the fireworks season:

Keep dogs inside. (No problem, it's too hot for them to be outside right now.)

Leave the windows tightly shut. (No problem, it's too hot to have the windows open right now.)

Leave the radio on to help drown out some noise. (No problem, this is Fido's favorite station.)

Happy 4th of July pups. Although we're sure you'll be much happier on the 5th.