With the Fourth of July a week away, I've noticed the fireworks stands are up and running! Most of them are those little bright yellow or white portable buildings but many more permanent buildings are all over East Texas too! Sales of fireworks in the state officially began on Tuesday (June 24th) and will continue through midnight on July 4th.

Many of the stands around East Texas are operated as fundraisers for organizations as well as privately owned business and they offer all kinds of things to light up the night sky on the Fourth of July - artillery shells, sparklers, firecrackers and a whole lot more. Although the sale of fireworks are restricted to certain days of the year, it's legal to shoot them off in the state of Texas any day of the year just as long as your city or county doesn't have a restriction or current ban on them.

With all of the rain we've had here lately, it's pretty safe to say we will not have to worry about burn bans being enacted in our counties to restrict us from shooting off fireworks, but as a precaution you'll want to check with your local fire marshal's office to make sure it's safe to light up the sky in your county on the fourth.