First Monday Trade Days in Canton is not exactly a well-kept secret. It's an East Texas highlight every month, and it draws thousands of visitors from miles around. Now the enormous flea market has been picked by CNN as one of the nation's best!

Here's what CNN says about First Monday Trade Days:

Few American flea markets can measure up to Canton in terms of history: residents of this small town an hour east of Dallas have been hauling their goods here to trade since 1850, when everything from hunting dogs to hand tools was bartered outside the courthouse during the circuit judge's monthly visit. Today, the market covers more than 100 acres of land a few blocks from the original courthouse square location. The merchandise is more varied than ever, with vintage cowboy boots, handcrafted leather saddles, antique silver, 19th-century flow blue pottery, and homemade hot sauce among the 6,000-plus regular stalls.

First Monday Trade Days happened last weekend because Nov. 5th was the first Monday of the month and the flea market always precedes that first Monday. So we'll have to wait another few weeks for it to come around again. The next scheduled flea market is the first weekend of December.

This was the only Texas flea market recognized by CNN. Others were in Oregon, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Georgia, California, and Massachusetts.