One thing you should know about me is that I am pretty much a girl raised in the suburbs. I'm not crazy about critters in the wild. I love my two cats dearly, but other varmints - not so much -  especially snakes. I am not a fan, at all - I don't even visit the reptile exhibit at Caldwell Zoo.

Keep all that in mind, and know that my parents have moved to the country and started farming. They own a piece of property with a few acres on it and have dubbed it, Forever Farm. The farm is where I spent my July 4th holiday weekend.

We fired off our own fireworks before riding down the road in the back of 'the machine', which is like a gator or a mule, but Mom nicknamed it, to see large fireworks at the neighbor's house. The fireworks were pretty incredible for a home show, see:

The following morning my step-dad took the boyfriend fishing, and mom and I picked the garden. While I enjoy working in my yard at my house, it's not filled with critters, picking the garden is a daily chore in the heat; However, I do appreciate what it yields: delicious veggies!

The vegetables they have planted include the ones you see above and loads more including peas, broccoli, watermelons, etc. While we picked, and avoided running into the electric fence surrounding it, Mom told me stories about regular varmint activity and the skunk that had been blamed for destroying the watermelons. The catch the variety of offending critters, Mom puts out traps. Sometimes the traps work...

This little guy was caught overnight, and was exhausted from trying to dig himself out of his trap. I gave him corn and a cherry tomato, but he refused to eat them. My step-dad later removed from the farm.

I love spending holidays with my family, and I know you do, too.

How did you spend the holiday weekend?