School will be out soon and summer vacations will begin.  Will gas prices keep you close to home?  For some it's "gas prices be darned ... road trip ON!!"

Most gas prices in East Texas are still below $4 per gallon, but some stations are flirting with that $4 mark.  Find out where the cheapest gas is here. says the Rudy's at 1410 SSW Loop 323 and Robertson Road has some of the most expensive gas in the area. At last check, a gallon of the lowest-priced regular unleaded at Rudy's was $3.98.

The Pilot station near FM 14 and I-20 had some of the lowest-priced gas in Tyler, at $3.73 per gallon. Several Exxon stations, Brookshire's, and Valero's were somewhere in the middle.

In Longview, the highest price reported on as Texas Auto Care at 1100 Pine Tree Road & Dancer Drive for $3.89 per gallon.  The lowest-priced gas in Longview, via GasBuddy, was the EZ Mart on Estes Parkway and South Loop 281 at $3.73.  The EZ mart at McCann and Meadowbrook had the same price, along with Kroger at Marshall and SS-63.

That means it costs well over $100 to fill up most large SUV's.

If you are planning a road trip, perhaps the thing to do is pack up the family in a Mini Cooper and head out. Or ask for a raise!