Taylor Swift is ready to deliver us another album full of songs about heartbreak and bad break ups with her past boyfriends.  The new album is called Red and it will be released on Tuesday of next week and with that comes the Taylor Swift media blitz.

Over the past four weeks, Taylor has been releasing a clip of a new song from her newest album each Monday morning and Good Morning America on ABC and then releasing the song in iTunes on Tuesday so it makes sense that's where her blitz will kick off and continue.

Look for Taylor to be interviewed on GMA Monday and she'll be back on the show on Tuesday for a performance. Tuesday night you can find her hanging out with David Letterman on the Late Show with David Letterman on CBS then back on ABC Wednesday to hang with the ladies of The View.

The media blitz will continue on Thursday, where Taylor will perform and talk with Ellen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and wrap up the week as a guest star on Katie Couric's new show Katie and finally, you can see Taylor with Katie on a special on ABC called All Access Nashville at 8 p.m.