You may have heard me talking about my weight-loss journey on the air in the afternoons, or read my recent blog about my weight struggles over the years. I've recently committed to a 90-Day weight-loss challenge with my co-workers here at the station in an effort to encourage each other to live healthier lifestyles.

On Friday, I attended an opening for the new OPAL sculptures in Downtown Tyler and was hit with this question, "You're trying to lose weight during the holidays?!?" I was hit with the same question all weekend, and with Halloween approaching on Thursday, my will-power faltered. I gave in and ate pasta and pizza over the weekend - neither of which will help me reach my goal. I admitted as much on my food log, to which my coach replied, "Did someone hijack your food log this weekend, or were you that bad?"

I was that bad, and the scale reflected it this morning. I was so excited last week, because I had lost six pounds, well this morning that progressed was reversed by three pounds. Yep, in one weekend of carbohydrate hysteria I lost half of my progress. It's not worth it folks.

The saddest part is, I had even created a BitStrip on Facebook last week of me saying "no" to the pizza, and just a short two days later I caved.

I did so well the first week losing six pounds, that when my progress plateaued last week I got frustrated. Instead of reching out to my friends or coach, who would have gladly helped and encouraged me to stay on track, I faltered.

What triggered the derailment. I failed to plan ahead on Saturday. My schedule was unusual due to a festival I had agreed to work, and instead of eating a healthy lunch or making my shake I didn't eat lunch. Then when I finished my shift, I was so hungry I gave in to eating pasta. After that, I felt like I had ruined my weekend already anyhow, so I had pizza on Sunday.

Which brings me back to this morning and my three pounds of weight gain. I would love to tell you that this 90-Day Challenge is miracle weight-loss, but it's not. It does require some effort - not a lot - but you do have to stick with the program.

So how do you stay on track? Plan ahead. If you know you're schedule is going to be off - make plans to compensate for it, and above all don't starve yourself or skip meals. My weekend is proof that skipping meals slows your metabolism and tempts you to make unhealthy food choices.

After visiting with my coach this morning, I'm back on track and going to add exercise back into the equation. It's been hard to get up and get out since fall has finally arrived in East Texas, but it's time to re-commit to walking and running. It can only help me reach my goals faster.